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How to shoot during a sunrise or sunset?

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

How to Take Better Sunrise and Sunset Photos!

Prepare for it.

It's always tricky to shoot at #sunrise because the light changes very fast.The first thing to do is to set up the alarm way before the sunrise so you will have the time to scout a little bit and set a good composition.

The day before, I check my gear, clean everything, ready to go! I also check the direction of the sun and all the information I need to know before heading to the place I have selected. To do that I use two different apps #photopills and #tpe.

Don't forget to bring your tripod, a little flashlight (it could be really dark before the sunrise and very useful after the sunset on your way back). You will need filters and a remote if you can't use your finger in case you are shacking (talking from experience lol). When you arrive at your location, take your time, feel the vibes, watch for the lights.

Once you have set up your composition, it is often still dark before the sunrise so I focus manually using my little flashlight. Set your ISO the lowest possible, adjust the aperture and shutter speed. Usually use an aperture between 11 and 16 for the landscapes.

Enjoy the moment and click...

Click to the photo below to get my #lightroompresetsand make your sunset pop.

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