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Explore Alaska

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Alaska must be on your bucket list. This is the perfect place for a vacation focused on nature, wildlife, and huge landscape.

view from the mountains
Mountains of Alaska

I went to Alaska in July so it wasn't too cold. The only thing I had to worry about was mosquitoes. They came out especially at sunset by millions so bring mosquito nets and bug spray. Except this little inconvenience #alaska is just an amazing place to discover. It is wild and beautiful. I didn't see any cars for 2 weeks just seaplanes and boats. The lifestyle there is incredibly relaxed.

#alaska was a wonderful adventure. A unique journey in the nature!  From bold eagles to #bears, iceberg, glaciers and mountains, Alaska is the perfect playground for photographers and July is a great month to travel there.  I started my trip in Seward - kayaking among icebergs - before heading towards Denali and landed in paradise for 6 days at Chelatna Lake Lodge. Only way to get there: seaplanes! The emerald color lake offers splendid sunrises and sunsets to capture. It is the perfect starting point for fly fishing, day hikes and helicopter tours in Denali national Park.  The last day was the highlight of my trip: 1 day in Katmai at Brooks Lodge in Bear country. Watching the bears catch the salmons out of the river was truly an amazing experience. 

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